Click to view flyer for 12/06/2017 Neon Chrome DTX

Neon Chrome DTX

Date: Wednesday Dec 6th, 2017
Doors: 9pm - 2am
Prices: 21+
Event Information

Dallas' very first Synthwave Monthly.
First Wednesday of every month.
Cyberpunks, Retrofuturists, Dreamwavers unite!

An all Synthwave set with accompanying visuals. This is not an 80s night, but a tribute to the dream of the 80s! All new tracks with that 80s feel, but with modern production values.

If you're familiar with Drive, Turbo Kid, or Kung Fury then you're already familiar with the Synthwave aesthetic.

John Carpenter
Blade Runner
Ferris Beuller
The Lost Boys
Miami Vice

80s inspired attire is encouraged